Ohio residents who sustain injuries in a car accident will want to have their medical bills and auto body shop expenses paid if the accident was due to the other driver’s negligence. Before this can happen, one side or the other must be assigned blame for causing the collision. In a legal sense, someone must be determined to be “negligent.”

Under a tort system, the insurance companies will weigh the evidence to decide which driver engaged in careless behavior that caused the collision. If one person can be determined to have been more careless than the other, the one who is assigned a majority of the blame will be charged with paying the medical expenses and property repair bills for the other party.

Which Party Can Be Said to Be More Careless?

The first question that is often asked is if the injured driver was someplace where he or she could not expect to be safe from suffering personal injury. If so, a portion or all of the blame may be given to the injured person.

Proving Negligence

In some cases, the police will arrive at the scene of an accident and write a report. The report may contain the officer’s opinion as to what caused the collision. By obtaining the police report, the injured parties have authoritative proof that the negligent driver violated the traffic laws, and this can be presented to the insurance company.

Obtaining the Services of an Attorney

Determining blame for a car accident or any type of accident that resulted in personal injury can be a difficult matter because the other party can always deny responsibility. In addition, it can be hard to negotiate with an at-fault driver’s insurance company because the at-fault driver’s company prefers that the other insurance company pay the medical or property repair bills. If this is the case, you need a personal injury attorney Ohio to help you fight the at-fault driver’s insurance company so that you can have your medical bills paid and your vehicle repaired.


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