Scott and Sunshine Diller

[The Collision]

Client Testimonial“We were going through a green light, when another car coming in the opposite direction, turned left in front of us. And we slammed right into that car. There were a large number of police officers that responded. They called the squad; there were lots of lights and lots of sirens. We went to the emergency room. We had a lot of doctors’ appointments and we knew there’d be up-coming chiropractic and physical therapy appointments and that the medical bills were going to be quite large.

[Getting Medical Claims Paid]

In the beginning we tried to work with the other party’s insurance company. They were quite nice to start out with, but when it came time to reach a settlement, things went downhill pretty quickly. They weren’t willing to cover all of our medical costs. They were saying that some of the treatment we had done wasn’t medically necessary.

[Mounting Bills, Frustration & Wasted Time]

We had a lot of medical bills that were coming in, the insurance company wasn’t working with us anymore, and things were really frustrating.

[The Law Offices of Jay Hurlbert]

We knew that we needed to call Jay Hurlbert. He had experience in personal injury and he was someone we could trust.

When we first met with Jay we found him to be very understanding, very professional and very sympathetic to our cause. He understood the frustration we were going through and we knew he’d be able to help us. Working with Jay was very easy. Any time we had questions, we felt comfortable giving him a call. Jay took time out of his day to speak with us.

[The Settlement]

Jay presented us with a settlement offer, but let us know that he’d take our case to court if that’s what we wanted to do. We would highly recommend Jay to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney. He was very easy to work with, he kept us informed throughout the process, and he was very trustworthy. He wasn’t afraid to stand-up to the insurance company. We were very happy with the results.”

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