Personal Injury Attorney Dublin, Ohio

You can’t plan for accidents

Car accidents, workplace injuries, medical malpractice. These things happen and when they do it’s important to have an attorney in Dublin, Ohio with a proven track record. The Law Offices of Jay Hurlbert are here to help you through these emotional times and fight for what you deserve.

We’re here for you

The aftermath of any accident is a stressful, confusing time.  Getting the appropriate injury settlement can seem like an unmanageable task with mountains of paperwork and insurance adjusters calling you. Jay Hurlbert simplifies this task and fights for you to get what you deserve.

We make it manageable

At the Law Offices of Jay Hurlbert we understand your needs as a client. You and your loved ones need to be protected and receive the settlement you deserve.  We listen to your needs as a client and provide you with reliable legal counsel.  Our accident attorneys give each client the personal attention they require and fight for what they deserve.

Let us represent you

Servicing the Dublin, Ohio area for over 15 years, the Law Offices of Jay Hurlbert know the ins and outs of civil litigation in central Ohio.  With millions of dollars recovered in settlements and verdicts, Jay Hurlbert is one of the most trusted and respected lawyers in the area.  His proven track record and countless client testimonials mean he is the man to fight for you.

It’s time you get what you deserve

If you need a lawyer in Dublin, Ohio, Jay Hurlbert is here to help you. His years of experience and reputation as an accident attorney mean you’ll get the injury settlement you deserve.  Contact the Law Offices of Jay Hurlbert today and schedule a meeting for a free case evaluation. We do not charge for the initial meeting or phone call concerning your case.